A Bold Declaration and Warning.

GusThe old druid seer, known in the North March as Gus the peasant, selling produce and herb remedies, strode into the tavern late at night carrying his parchments, a hammer and some nails. He placed a nail in his teeth holding the paper so as not to smudge the words. Two strikes of the hammer secured the sign. He stepped back read the words.

“To one and all!

Let it be known throughout the Abbey, castle and village that the wild gypsy girl, Ercila, is working for me gathering herbs and such. If any harm comes to the girl and I, not some preacher’s god, will see the man responsible punished and his properties as well. Do not take my words lightly or ya live to regret it.

Gus”Ercila the wild gypsy

He smiled and headed out to post another warning at the brothel. Then to be sure, he stopped at the blacksmith and posted one for all to see. He softly offered a prayer request to the sacred triad as he hammered the nail and placed a curse on any who might tear down the sign.

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