A Busy Day for the Baker

Kitty in Butcher ShopKitty woke up feeling the after effects of the ale she drank while watching the tavern for Karissa the night before. She made herself some tea and then went next door to the butcher to purchase a pound of pork sausage. She returned to the baker and collected the ingredients together to make sausage rolls and shortbread biscuits.

She smiled as she worked, recalling a conversation from the night before. She cut the flour and butter together into small crumbs, added in the sugar and started to work the dough. She let it rest, and then rolled it out over sugar sprinkled on the counter. She cut out two dozen biscuits from the dough and placed them into the oven to bake.

As the biscuits baked, she prepared and cut a puff pastry sheet into twelve squares for the sausage rolls. She sprinkled some powdered mustard over the squares and placed a ball of sausage meat in the middle of each. Then she rolled the dough over the meat and brushed the top with an egg wash. She placed the tray of sausage rolls into the oven and checked on the biscuites.

Kitty in Bakery 2When the biscuits and rolls were done, she set them to cool on the counter and opened the door to let the aroma out into the street to draw customers into the shope. Kitty felt good at having accomplished so much so early and smiled as she cleaned her work area.

She loaded up a large basket with fresh baked goods and set out to make her daily delivery to the tavern. Inside she saw Karissa and Gregor. Kitty placed the basket on the counter.

Just then, a stranger entered. He was a large man, and Karissa smiled and greeted him with a mug of ale. Then Karissa gasped and said to him, “You’re bleeding!”

Charles Gregor and Karissa in TavernKarissa fetched bandages and a small basin of water. She guided the man to a stool and set about cleaning his wounds. As she did so, she and the man talked in hushed tones so no-one else could hear.

Seeing her friend was busy, Kitty pitched in to help. She offered Gregor a piece of apple pie.

“I hope you’re not taking apples from Gus’s orchard,” he said.

“Oh no,” replied Kitty. “I went into the forest and piced some from the tree there myself.”

Karissa got up and left the tavern, asking Kitty first if she would watch it while she was gone. Kitty nodded, and set some apple pie and ale out for Gregor, and some for herself as well.

Charles and Karissa in TavernThe day wore on and the tavern emptied. Tired from her busy day, Kitty sat down at a table and laid her head down on her arms. She drifted off to sleep and woke up when Karissa returned.

Karissa thanked Kitty for her help and said, “I don’t feel too well. Good night Kitty.” Kitty helped her close for the day, and then left to go to her own apartment above the bakery.

After such a busy day, she fell asleep quickly in her own warm bed.

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