A letter from the Queen

Queen Mary JuliannaTo: Vivienne Daguerre, Countess of Roxeter

Dear Cousin:

I was distressed to hear about your hunting mishap, and hope that you are recovering well. I will visit you on Wednesday, 26 June. To celebrate my visit and your rescue, I instruct you to throw a feast in my honour. Invite all the residents of Roxeter. Times are hard and this will serve to boost general morale. Send a special invitation to the Warden of South March, Sir Maverick, and the people of Tanninhold in appreciation of their assistance in the search for you.

I have received your letters with your request for a warden and for a remedy to your financial situation. I have been displeased with your impulsive actions and reckless behaviour. Against our wishes, you rejected a marriage that would have promoted our interests and chose to follow your heart, with disastrous results. I hear that you have developed some bad habits of your own, in particular a fondness for drink and dice. In your last letter you indicated that you have come to your senses and are willing to be guided by me. As your sovereign, I expect no less of you. I am sure you will not disappoint me in future.

Nevertheless, we are family and we do take care of one another. I believe I have a solution to your problems. I will announce it at the dinner.

With affection

Mary Julianna Stewart, Queen of Scotland

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