A pact is made

After an exhausting day at the bakery, Desire made her way down to the Inn. She wanted to talk to Karissa. What is the power that this woman seems to hold over everyone? The men were tripping over her like school boys. There was something about her, and Desire found herself drawn to the woman. “Ridiculous,” she muttered as she made her way along the path.

Karissa LeimesKarissa was there, her emerald green eyes mesmerizing. “Stop it!” her mind screamed. “Don’t become a blathering fool over this bordello wench.” Growling at her own weakness, she asked the bartender for an ale. Instead of him fetching it, Baylee did. That was all she remembered until she woke up in the cave.

She rubbed her throbbing head and sat for a moment, waiting to regain her balance. She wondered how much she drank. She worried that gossips would report back to Father Barnard that Desire was drunk–again. He already had Gregor following her. If Gregor had witnessed her activities the other night, she would likely burn at the stake.

As she was unsteadily making her way back to the bakery in the dark, a man suddenly appeared at her elbow, offering to help her to her apartment. Against her better judgement she decided to trust this stranger; she could use the help. He helped her up the stairs to her apartment and eased her down onto the couch. In the candlelight she was struck by his flawless features.

Desire and ArHe fetched her some water. As their hands touched she felt a strange tingle of energy flow from him to her. He smiled at her.

“Where did you come from?” she asked.

“I came from the ship,” he said. “I came to the ship when I was summoned.” His hands were smooth, uncalloused. His face was not weathered by the sea. Around his neck was a chain with a celtic charm that flashed when it caught the candlelight.

Her mouth dropped open and she snapped it shut again as she realized that she was the one who summoned him. Now here he was kneeling before her. He leaned forward, gazing intently at her. His lips brushed against hers in a kiss that sent a burst of power surging through both of them.

A pact is madeHe pulled back from her, fixing her with his eyes, “It was you. You summoned me,” he said. “What do you desire, Mistress?”

“I want the Priest to stay out of my affairs, and I want Karissa to be happy,” Desire said.

Everything has a price. The cost of this magic was yet to be determined.


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