A prayer for the priest

It is another night of brooding and Desire headed to the inn to perhaps have a drink or two, and speak with Karissa. She seemed concerned as the lady baker ordered ale. Desire assured her that one would be her limit for the night. Seeing a troubled look on Karissa’s face, she asked what worried her. Karissa mumbled something about worrying about the priest after his illness. Desire watched her closely, and she was sure that there was more to it than worry for the priest’s health. On an impulse, Desire invited Karissa to come to the island with her.

Lady desire and KarissaThey made their way through the night under the light of the full moon. Desire glanced at Karissa, and saw how the moonlight caught and reflected off her emerald eyes. She was beautiful. It was no wonder that so many men had fallen for her.

Karissa hung back a moment as the raft docked at Cursed Isle. Desire took her hand, urging her forward, leading her up the hill to the Druid’s circle. Karissa’s eyes widened when she saw the circle of stones inner ring of fire surrounding a pentagram carved into the soil. Desire took both of Karissa’s hands and looked into her eyes, “What should I pray for?”

Karissa seemed unsure for a moment, but then said, “Keep the priest safe. Keep him safe.”

Desire nodded, and proceeded to undress. She walked into the circle, naked, dagger in hand. She slid the blade of the dagger across her palm, letting the blood fall to the ground.

Desire's naked prayer 1She turned to the north, then the east, then the south, and finally the west, calling the quarters. She felt the presence of the Goddess answer her summons, and heard her voice answering her prayer. “The priest will be dealt with.” Filled with the Goddess, she was moved to walk toward Karissa.

“This is from the Goddess,” she told Karissa. She grabbed Karissa and kissed her passionately. The presence of the Goddess then left her, and she quickly released Karissa from her grasp. She blushed, gathered her composure and dressed.

Desire's naked prayer 2Karissa stood there dazed, trying to process it all–Desire dancing naked in the ring of fire, the strange markings on the ground, the chant, and the kiss. She followed Desire back to the raft in silence. They walked back to the brothel together, not saying a word to each other.

Just another eventful night in Roxeter….

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