An Anonymous Gift

Church at NightWaking before the sun is up, she quietly dresses, a modest dress, one that even the Father would have to approve of. Twisting her hair into a bun and grabbing a scarf to cover her head, she moves quickly along the path by the water, a woman on a mission.  She keeps her head down. She hears the fishermen along the way as they begin their day of fishing, but she never looks up. She must hurry and get back before anyone misses her.

She approaches the bridge and hesitates, looking at the Abby and the church, watching for movement.  Slowly she moves inside the church. Taking the small but rather heavy sac of coins from beneath her cloak, she places it on the alter table, kneeling and saying a short prayer.  Hearing a noise she quickly moves out the side door and exits the door into the courtyard. Seeing no one around she runs across the bridge.

The sun peeks over the horizon as she pulls her cloak tighter and pulls her scarf to cover some of her face. Hoping that no one notices her, she continues down the path back to the brothel and changes into her usual wardrobe of the day.  Looking out her window across the sparkling water as a ship comes in to dock. She pulls the hairpins from her hair and lets her chestnut locks fall loosely around her shoulders, she swiftly moves down the stairs to welcome the men and invite them in for some entertainment.

Karissa in the Church

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