Blessing the Believers

Gus at the ShielingHe stands in the circle and calls out to Toutatis. He kneels listening to the voices in the flames. He rises, crosses the river and begins gathering mistletoe. His movements are done with care that comes from living in the woods his entire life. The farms come into view. These are the ones the seer worries over as they still believe and practice the old religion despite being forced to join the priest in his ceremonies.

He knows from listening to the voices that a evil is coming, The old druid casts a spell to ensure none see him. Anyone wishing to blame him will need to make up a tale like the whore with her half-true story. With silent steps he moves about the farmlands. Over the entry to each hut he hangs a bough of blessed mistletoe as Toutalis directed. The Protector will care for those who are true to him. At each hut a prayer is offered and the sacred plant placed.


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