Bone Crusher

Bag of Bones in Chemist ShopNathan Zetkin takes the bag of bones from the counter and holding them as far as away from he can takes them down in to the deep cave below his shop. He dumps the bones into a wooden box and pokes them with a stick to examine them. The bones still have spoiled flesh on them which makes them smell bad. Nathan holds his nose eager to dispose of them soon.

Nathan thinks ,”Hmm, these bones are not the bones of a child”. He notices a hoof among the collection, looking as if it came from a sheep. A lamb it must be by the size of it. Poking the bones some more with his stick, Nathan finds the skull of a lamb and with his gloves on takes it out of the box. The rest of the bones he smashes with a hammer until they are dust and drops the remains in to the lava that flows within the cave. Nathans tosses the box in as well for good measure and watches it burn. The skull he wraps up in a cloth and places in a metal container. He takes the box and leaves the cave.


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