Scottish Money during the Reign of Mary

Jark Wrexan has researched money during the period of our role play, roughly 1565, in Scotland. He distributed a notecard with the history and prim coins in the Border Marches group. For a copy of that notecard, please contact Jark Wrexan or Vivienne Daguerre in Second Life.

Jark's Coins


I am not instituting an economy at this time and use of these coins for role play is not mandatory. However, Jark has made them available to those who wish to role play with prim coins, or at least the correct names of the coins at the time.

Scottish Money


The above table is from the website at

I would like to extend a thank you from us all to Jark for researching this. A lot more information can be found in his notecard that he distributed and I would encourage you to read it.