Build Progression and Anticipated Opening

There is light at the end of the tunnel! The build is progressing, and I am hoping to complete it within the next two or three weeks. I am tentatively looking at an official opening in late April. Once the build is done, we will need to write up some rules and laws, plan the first major storyline event, prepare videos, set up an opening quest, and advertise.

The towns have names! In North March the town name is Roxeter, and in South March the town name is Tanninhold. Roxeter castle, the town square, docks, lower town and fairgrounds are done. Roxeter Abbey has recently been completed, video below:

The video is also posted on “Life in the Abbey” and more information about positions and videos on abbey life can be found there.

Yet to come: Small village, a few crofter’s cottages and farms, road completion, landscaping with plants and trees, mines, crypt, and underground mazes.

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