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Border Marches open for role play!

trompetas_medievalesWe are now officially open for role play! We have already had some people join us and engage in role play. In a day or so I will post a cast of villains, er… characters to date!

Our role play rules are now officially in effect. You can pick up a copy of the rules and a list of roles and progression at the docks on any of the sims, or here on our website.

You will also find at the docks some free clothing, and a copy of the Spell Fire 1 meter. We are meter optional.

We are planning our Grand Opening for the weekend of June 1, 2013! We plan to have a quest running on that date for a free Spell Fire 1 sword, and some fun events planned, so mark it on your calendar!

We are a friendly group, happy to answer any questions you may have, so do be sure to come and visit us.

Meeting, Wednesday, 24 April 2013 at Roxeter Castle.

Queen Julianna at HomeQueen Julianna requests your presence at a meeting to be held at Roxeter Castle on Wednesday, 24 April, 2013.

At the meeting we will discuss drafts of two documents:

Click on them for a link to review them on the website before the meeting so you can be prepared to offer your opinions, concerns and suggestions. Your input is important and needed!

The Queen regrets that she cannot be present, but will assign her cousin, Vivienne, Countess of Roxeter to host this meeting, with the assistance of the Wardens of North and South Marches.

Build Progression and Anticipated Opening

There is light at the end of the tunnel! The build is progressing, and I am hoping to complete it within the next two or three weeks. I am tentatively looking at an official opening in late April. Once the build is done, we will need to write up some rules and laws, plan the first major storyline event, prepare videos, set up an opening quest, and advertise.

The towns have names! In North March the town name is Roxeter, and in South March the town name is Tanninhold. Roxeter castle, the town square, docks, lower town and fairgrounds are done. Roxeter Abbey has recently been completed, video below:

The video is also posted on “Life in the Abbey” and more information about positions and videos on abbey life can be found there.

Yet to come: Small village, a few crofter’s cottages and farms, road completion, landscaping with plants and trees, mines, crypt, and underground mazes.

Halloween on the Border Marches!

Halloween on the Border Marches!

Introducing the Border Marches in Second Life

The Border Marches in Second Life consist of three private island estates arranged from north to south, North March, Debatable Lands, and South March respectively.

It is an environment based loosely on 16th century life on the border marches of Scotland and England.

At that time, raiding back and forth across the borders was in decline. The wardens of the marches, on the orders of their monarchs, were cracking down on the great reiver families, trying to bring order where for centuries lawlessness had reigned.

Old habits die hard.

We are taking artistic license with the theme. Our monarchs, nobility and wardens will not be found in the history books of the real world. Some fantasy elements will be present, such as dragons. Pagan religions as well as Christianity will be represented in the regions.

We are not yet open for role play. You are welcome to come and visit, wander around, meet us, talk with us about the regions, ask us questions, and get to know us. Grab a hard hat. I have been known to accidentally drop a house on a head or two.