Dear Mother Superior…

Nun writingMay 28

Dear Mother Superior,

My work at the abbey is going well, although being on my feet all the time is a chore. I shouldn’t complain, of course, as the saints before us suffered far worse. I will say an extra rosary tonight for this sin.

The Father seems polite enough, if a bit aloof. I suspect it’s that Jesuit training of his. Too much education and not enough digging in the dirt. At least he picks up after himself, for the most part, and I’ve only to make his bed, cook his meals, wash his dishes and do the general cleaning and baking. All in all, it is an easy ministry.

I have yet to meet the villagers although Father has said they are a surly lot. Well, soon this convent shall be teaming with holy souls seeking to do God’s work..

Father and I will be going to Rome soon to seek the papal blessing to establish the new order here, with your blessings, of course. The Order of the Clerics in Service to the Reformed. It has a nice ring to it.

Hopefully I will soon find someone else to wash floors while I return to my clerical duties.

In the meantime,

God’s blessings upon you and my sisters in Christ.

Sr. Agatha, St. Andrew’s Parish, Roxeter

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