December Wedding

1. Church Altar Decorated for Christmas“There is nothing like a wedding at Christmas time,” Vivienne thought to herself. She entered the Roxeter Abbey church and made herself comfortable in her usual place. Today was the day that the baker from Tanninhold, Paua, married Cowan McAlistar. They had been a little presumptuous in inviting the Countess to their wedding, but it pleased her at this time of year to be kind and generous.

2. Barnard Returns“So here I am,” she thought. Her mind turned to her own upcoming wedding, wondering what was taking Bryantt so long on his trip to France. She frowned, wondering if it would ever really happen.

“Greetings Countess,” a familiar voice said. She turned. It was Barnard. Of course he would have to come, no matter what the risk was to him. Paua, the bride, was his daughter. She nodded and returned his greeting curtly. On this day of all days, his banning would be ignored. It was the Christian thing to do.

The groom entered from the side door and took his place to wait for his bride, followed by the Priest. Guests arrived and took their places. Finally, it was time. She sat back and watched the wedding, forgetting herself and her troubles for a while. Occasionally she had to wipe a tear that was threatening to spill over and run down her cheek. Weddings were so beautiful.

3. Barnard and Desire

6. Wedding Karissa in Church

4. Sister Sara 2

12. Waiting

11. Groom Waiting

7. Cowan McAlistar

9. Father Franceso Agafiia

10. Cowan Waits with the Priest

14. Salome Sirbu

15. Here Comes the Bride

18. Wedding Vows

16. Beautiful Bride Paua

17. Handsome Groom Cowan

19. You May Kiss the Bride

20. Married

21. Cown and Paua McAlistar Wedding Portrait

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