Desire Misses her Demon

Ar and DesireShe had not seen him in the flesh in a long time, yet in her dreams, she remembered him, strong, alluring, and delicious to gaze upon. Though she could not claim that their time had been tender, he did not manhandle as her as readily as some of these men in the North and South do. In fact, he called her Mistress.

Saddling her horse, she set out into the night for the island. It was there that she first summoned him. The energy at the island far stronger than energy elsewhere in the Marches. The satchel attached to the horses saddle was filled with things she would need to enact her magic.

She loved riding at night, the sounds you do not hear during the day, the lights dancing amidst the trees, some called them fireflies, she knew better. Finally reaching the island she made her way up the hill to the circle. She remembered the last time she was here, the night she brought Karissa with her. Their shared blood called upon powerful magic. Her mind wandered as she remembered the subtle intimacies that they shared both the night before and that night. She wiped away a small tear before it spilled down her cheek. “Those days are of the past,” she said sadly, and sets up the items in the circle.

Desire's naked dance 4Placing the wishing runes opposite one another in the center of the circle, she then placed a cotton cloth on the ground and took off her silver pendant and placed it on the cloth. Taking some salt between her fingers she sprinkled the pendant while saying “Tainted now with the salt upon thee, grant me protection from whom I may come to see.”

She lit four black candles and sat next to her wishing rune. On a piece of parchment she wrote her name, and the favor she wanted from the demon. She placed the parchment next to her rune and said, “I will grant your wish in return, for as long as it is in my power. Come to me demon!” She turned and called out again into the night, “Come to me! Obey the command of your Mistress!”


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