Drago the Reiver

Drago follows fairiresAsked to keep the Tavern in South Marsh supplied at a low cost, Drago decided the best way was to have Bryantt “donate” the supplies they needed. As the others chatted and drank the evening away, he headed home. As he ate his roasted rabbit, he formulated a plan.

Drago Kroll slipped into the tunnels under Roxeter under the cover of darkness. He stopped and prayed to the elements, asking their aid. He cut his finger letting th blood drop to the earth which quickly soaked up the gift. He silently crept up the steps to the bakery and took two sacks of flour so that Desire would not be suspected. Before exiting the shop he called the fairies to aid him in the dark. By the light of their wings, he moved across the town square and picked the tavern lock. He opened the door slowly to make sure the hinges would not squeak. Once inside, he found the storeroom and selected barrels. He smiled, thinking about the reaction he would het if people saw him carrying a barrel on each shoulder.

After several trips, with the fairies standing watch and lighting the way, he mades one last trip to get some good ale. Setting the barrels down, he locked the door after his final run. Once back in the tunnels, Drago loaded all the barrels and sacks onto the wagon. He climbed up into the wagon drove into the Debatable Lands. The fairies followed behind, magically hiding the wagon tracks.


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