Gold for a Spy

Desire and Barnard in Tanninhold CastleDesire listened as the man told her his story. As she listened to him, her heart softened toward him. She shook her head at how quickly things had changed. He had gone from threatening to kill her to confiding in her. She wondered how much of his story could be believed, how much she trusted him. He seemed on edge, driven, and at times his eyes took on a crazed look. She shook her head, still not believing that she had forged an alliance with such a man, a kidnapper priest gone mad.

Desire ProfileHis accusation echoed in her mind. “It’s all your fault.” She walked out to her favourite place to think in her new home of Tanninhold, a rock overlooking the water. She sad and tried to clear her head. She wondered if his words could be true. She had summoned the demon and he had come, and now it was tormenting Karissa. She did not understand why the demon was doing the opposite of what she had commanded.

She watched the water swirl below. It was hypnotic and seemed to call to her, tempting her. She stood and turned away, knowing there were things she had to do. She went to the stables and saddled her horse. She had to get to the docks at North March before evening.

Desire on Horseback in TanninholdThe ride was long. The ship was at dock, right where the note said it would be. The docks were unusually quiet. It seemed everyone was busy elsewhere. She reasoned there must be some celebration going on. She crept aboard the ship. She reached behind the cupboard in the galley, finding the bag of coins left for her there. She replaced it with a rolled up iece of parchment with all the news of the happenings of late in the Marches. The bag was heavy. The Tudor Queen was generous to those who served her. As she left the ship, Desire whispered, “God save the Queen.”

Desire on Ship

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