Kitty headed back to the brothel with a basket. She stopped by the tavern first, dropping off their order of dinner rolls, and then went to the brothel. She dropped off the bread at the bar and headed upstairs.

Karissa and KittyShe knocked on Karissa’s door and entered. Karissa was lying on the bed. Kitty set the basket on the table beside the bed and took out a container of soup and day old bread. “You have to eat,” she told Karissa. Karissa refused to eat. They argued back and forth for a minute or two before Kitty gave up.

“Kris,” Kitty said, “Killing yourself won’t fix things.” She paced back and forth and turned to face Karissa. “I have an idea. Write him a letter. We can go to the castle together, you to see Bryantt and me to bring bread to the priest.”

Karissa sat quietly, appearing to consider the idea. She took a pair of scissors from her table and cut off a lock of her hair. She tied it with a ribbon and braided it. “Please take this to him. It is all that I can give him now.”

Kitty looked at her with shock at her action. “Kris…,” she said.

“Give him a message with it, “My worldly goods I thee endow.”

Kitty took the braid and placed it in her pouch. “I will,” she assured Karissa.

“Beg Gregor to let you in. Tell her I sent you with bread for the priest. He will believe you.”

As Kitty walked to the castle she repeated the message to herself so she would not forget it. “My worldly goods I thee endow.”

Kitty at Empty CellShe was surprised as she entered through the castle gate how quiet everything seemed. There was no-one in the courtyard, no-one guarding the guard tower door. She entered and climbed the stairs to the cells. She knocked, but there was no answer. She pushed the door open and gasped when seh saw Gregor lying on the floor beside the cell. She knelt down to check him and was relieved to find that he was breathing.

She saw keys on the floor and the cell door was ajar. Her eyes widened, “No priest,” she whispered to herself. She stepped into the cell, refusing to believe her eyes and looked under the bed. “No priest.”

She ran down the stairs and through the castle gates all the way back to the brothel. She had to stop to recover her breath when she reached Karissa’s room. Karissa watched her with alarm in her eyes. Finally she was able to look up at Karissa and tell her, “He is gone Kris. Gone.”

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