GossipsGossip, gossip, gossip! It never stops! As I was embroidering in my quarters, I was mildly entertained by the chatter of two of my ladies in waiting. It seems there is a mysterious stranger staying at the abbey. No-one knows where he is from or anything about him, except that his name is Will Crowley. They managed to get that much out of one of the nuns. They were clucking away like old hens, imagining the best and worst things possible.

I scolded them a bit. Cannot have my ladies talking about strange men in a way that makes them blush. Eleanor was not to be stopped. She went on to tell me that there is a new priest at the abbey, Father Bernard. She said she heard the kitchen maids gushing about how handsome he is, much too handsome for a priest. These wicked girls were cooking up wicked fantasies to confess to test his oath of celibacy.

I was shocked! Can you believe they could be so wicked? I will have to go to warn the man as soon as possible.

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