Border Marches Grand Opening Sign

Our grand opening is all set for Saturday, June 1, 2013! Let the fun begin!

10:00 am:   Discussion at Tanninhold College, South March

Roles of interest to Dominants and submissives. The practice of Dominance/submission or BDSM are NOT our focus. We are D/s, BDSM, and Gorean friendly and many of our core people come from that background. Our border theme has many roles and positions that could appeal to a Dominant or submissive nature and D/s couples or families might find recreation here that they could enjoy. Join us for further discussion of ideas about what the Border Marches may offer to you. You can’t stay in bed or the dungeon all the time!

12:00 pm:  Tales from the Border, Roxeter Castle, North March

The Story of Kinmont Willie and the Bauld Buccleuch. This is the first in a series of true stories taken from the history books designed to entertain, educate, and inspire your role play. Join Vivienne, the Countess of Roxeter by the fountain in front of the castle and listen as she narrates the story for you on Black Rose Radio streamed into the sim against a soft backdrop of theme music.

5:30 pm:   Blessing of the Town of Roxeter and Church Service, North March

Join Father Barnard as he leads a processional around the town, pausing to say prayers and ask for blessings. Pay no mind to the strange man dropping bits of herbs and plants behind us.

“Dear Countess, please be aware that, in keeping with Rome, some of the service will be in Latin, including parts of the processional prayers and the opening “Our Father.” The rest, including the sermon, shall be in English. This is a christening ceremony for the village, so advise your people that a communion mass will not be held. We will gather before your palace, in the stone court yard, then proceed from there to the village marketplace, from there to the farms, and from there to the church, where the sermon and final blessing will be given.”

These are our first events for our official grand opening. Watch for more events to come on a regular basis!



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