Gus aids Karissa

Karissa EscapesThe old man followed the countess, the baker and the whore out of the kitchen which smelled of fresh apple pie into the courtyard. Bryantt seemed to be strutting about as the priest laid bound and battered on the stones. The priest was not exactly his best friend in the North, but at the moment the enemy of his enemy was his friend. The Seer turned his attention to Karissa, still sitting in her saddle as she screamed she wanted to “Go Home”. Bryantt was adamant so the old man tried to soothe Karissa, knowing he could help her later when there would be less noise and attention. He helped her down from her horse as the Countess ordered her guards to take Karissa to the Warden’s suite.

Once she was settled he ignored the cackling hens and applied a herbal salve to her feet which seemed to be the worst of her injuries. Bryantt stormed in shouting questions which the girl obviously did not want to answer. Gus handed her vial containing a sleeping potion and told her to drink down. Shortly she fell asleep, the warden gave up his questioning and shouted more commands to those around him.

As the crowd thinned Gus sent a wench for food and insisted that people leave to let Karissa sleep. Once the room was empty he moved to the window and unlocked it. With great ease he moved the tub, opened the window and checked the drop. He called out to the fairies asking them to bring Drago.

After checking on the lass he headed down to rendezvous with the dwarf. As he crossed the courtyard he saw the women who truly cared about Karissa. With a steady gait he made his way to the spot below the window to wait for Drago. As he leaned against the wall than heard women talking above. They were talking to each other to figure out how to get Karissa out of the castle. Laughing softly he tossed a pebble at the window to get their attention. He instructed them to make a rope of the sheets. Karissa was soon in his arms. He lifted her with ease, turning to the brothel when the ladies appeared.

“We best get out of here before we are seen.” The words barely left his lips before they were running through the fields.

With no one watching he did not worry that anyone would see him, an old man, effortlessly carrying a full grown woman as he ran to the brothel.

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