Hell hath no fury…

Karissa at the GallopHer heart had shattered as she watched her love agree to marry the Countess. Clenching her jaw tight, she listened to the queen’s words play over and over inside her head as she tossed and turned in her bed.

After a long and sleepless night, she rose early. She made her way through the debatable lands into south March, seeking a master craftsman. She smiled as she found one and made her purchase. Hiding it under her cloak, she returned back home.

Tending to her duties of the brothel, she counted out the money, dividing up the day’s earnings between the girls, herself, and Bryantt. She looked at the pile for Bryantt. The words echo through her head once more, “Bryantt, your income will assist Vivienne in meeting the expenses of the castle.” Tears filled her emerald eyes and she pounded her fists against the bar. She seized half of Bryantt’s money, laying a bit extra in each of the girls pile, and placed the rest in a small sac.

Desire 3Inhaling deeply she raised her head, and hurried out the door to find the baker. It was a beautiful day for a walk, but she had things to do. Opening the door to the bakery she smiled and greeted the beautiful Lady Desire. She made small talk, asking about her standing order for the brothel.

Coyly she brought up the subject of the upcoming wedding. “How will you ever manage everything with your normal business and the countesses upcoming nuptials?” The baker began to list off the large amount of food that will be needed for the “celebration.” Karissa smiled as she listened. “Well I know that you could use some help. I know that some people don’t think too highly of me, but I would be honored to help you with all the preparation. No-one would need to know, if you wish. I could slip in and out the back door.” Her emerald eyes twinkled as she waited for the lady Desire’s response.

Karissa in the Square“Oh what a godsend that would be! Are you free early in the mornings? That is when I do a lot of prep work. I am feeling much relieved with your kind offer of help.” Thrilled that the lady accepted her help, Karissa negotiated a time for her to be at the shop to help.

She quietly left the shop. Her heart ached from the loss of her beloved. She stared up toward the castle. Tears filled her eyes. She pulled the hood over her head and headed to the church to drop off a small donation anonymously, as she had before.

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