Karissa prepares…

Kris in Town SquareWaking slowly, she moved to her window and looked out across the woods. This was one of her favorite times early in the morning, so peaceful, as the sun just peeked through the trees and over the mountains, the sunlight bouncing across the waters. She sighed softly. “This should be a happy day,” she thought. After all she was marrying the love of her life. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. she was hand fasting to him. Not exactly the knight on the white horse she had always dreamed of.

She ran her hands through her hair. And decided a walk would do her good and help clear her mind. She dressed quickly and moved quietly through the town that still slept as the warm sun shone on her face. Her heart ached but she knew this was the best solution for all involved. Hopefully this would keep the Father safe from the demon, keep him safe from Bryantt, and keep Bryantt happy . “But does it make me happy?” she asked herself.

Bryantt Sands 2Bryantt did make her happy, but that changed the day he agreed to marry the Countess. How could he? How dare he agree to it? All he had to do was say no. She knew then he would choose power over love. She believed that he loved her as he claimed, but she also knew now that he would choose power over love any day.

“What more can a girl in my position ask for?” Her mother always told her she was trouble, that she would never amount to anything. Maybe she was right. Maybe this was as good as it will get–bound to one man she loved, heart aching for the one she couldn’t have, Father Barnard. Why did he have to be a priest, married to the church?

She moved toward the brothel and sat quietly in the grass. Leaning against a tree her mind drifted back to the priest. He had done everything in his power to talk her out of this day. She hoped he didn’t find out about this day. She was afraid he would try to stop it and get himself hurt.

Father BarnardShe lowered her eyes. Something glimmered in the grass as the morning sun hits the dewy grass. She reached over and found a necklace, but not just any necklace, the Fathers cross. She had never seen him without it. She looked around, noticing the imprint in the grass. Someone had lain there for quite sometime. What had he done? Where was he now?

She put the cross in her pocket and headed back quickly to her room. She must get this back to him. She must find him to see if he is ok. She saddled her horse and rode through town to the Abbey. No-one seemed to have seen him. She noticed that Gregor seemed to have disappeared also.

She watched the sun move across his sky and knew her time was running short. She headed back to the brothel. George took her horse and she headed upstairs. She slid the necklace in the pocket of the gown she would wear tonight. At least she would have a piece of him with her tonight.

Karissa and The Dress


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