Karissa’s Troubled Mind

In the past few days, all the town could talk about was the upcoming wedding of Bryantt and the Countess. People moved about in such a hurry, but sometimes it paid not to be in such a hurry. She laid back in the grass looking up at the moon and stars. There were so many people showing up in Roxeter right now.

The memory of eating apple pie with the Father that night in the abbey brought a smile to her face. She felt a little uneasy when the strange man made his appearance. What was his name? Ah yes, Gregor Young. The father seemed to be in a hurry to get her out the door. She left, but didn’t go far.

She smiled softly to herself. It’s amazing what you can hear through the abbey doors. Her heart grew heavy as she listened. Did the Father really want to kill Bryantt? And what is that man here to protect in the church? She wanted to find out. The father was wiser then people give him credit for. Karissa wondered how he knew it was her who was leaving anonymous donations at the church. But then again what kind of priest had as many secrets as he seemed to? He is a mysterious man. She smiled softly remembering the soft feel of his kiss upon her lips, so full of passion, so full of desire. Who knew a priest could kiss like that? She wondered what other secrets he might have.
spell book

The Lady Desire’s bombshell last night, dropped while she was highly intoxicated, had been a shock. She did not know much about witchcraft. Unsteady on her feet, Desire had given her a key to the bakery. When she saw the baker leave to dance in her night dress, she used the key to enter the bakery and look around. She was not sure what she was looking for, but found a book with several poems labeled “spells” in it. Most were mundane, how to cure warts, how to give warts, spells for rain, spells for sunshine, but some were darker. Frightened, Karissa closed the book and left, wondering if there were others like her around here.

She tilted her head and watched the stars twinkle. There was another stranger in town, Tau was his name. He was so handsome that Karissa thought that if there were angels, they would look like him. When asked about his business, he said his work was “getting rid of problems.” She wondered how much the problem of the Countess would cost to solve. She scrunched her face at the thought. But she could not kill her beloved Bryantt. If he should also drink the poison, she would have the antidote ready to give him to save him.

She felt sad, thinking of her love, Bryantt. He had barely spoken to her since the wedding was announced. Was he not even going to try to explain? Was he just going to leave her hanging, let her go, let her hurt with no explanation at all? She had always known deep down, that he was ambitious, wanting a title, prestige, and reputation. She clenched her fists, “Not with the money I make,” she whispered.

And what about the Countess. She was been acting kind of odd about all this as well. Karissa wondered what she was up to. Karissa thought that the Countess would not be happy with Bryantt. He would not put up with her love for the dice. Karissa blinked back tears, thinking that she would take care of the Countess soon enough.

Karissa knew how to play her cards as dealt to her, and use the information that came her way through her profession. She chewed her lip as she thought how best to use what she knew.

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