Kitty Arrives

Kitty 1Kitty made her way from the small boat, planting her feet on the docks of North March. Taking a deep breath she traveled up the path seeking the abbey. Unsure where to go and not seeing a soul she continued, feeling something guiding her. Her only fear was that she could not find her longtime friend Karissa.

Exhausted she dropped to her knees at the abbey steps. Dropping her small sack on the steps she lifted her hand, clenching a fist to bang against the door. Tiredness consumed her she and she fall asleep on the steps.

The sun rose warming her cheeks as she felt a slight tug on her shoulder, hearing a voice she opened her violet eyes to see a woman. As the sleep left her eyes she could clearly see that the woman was draped in white. As the woman helped her up, she wrapped her arms around the woman’s waist, feeling safe. Collecting herself and her things, the nuns helped her into the refectory and brought her some hot stew and bread from the kitchen. As she hungrily devoured the food, the woman placed a small note wrapped in twine on the table. She stopped eating and opened it. The note was from her friend, Karissa, or Kris for short. She read it and tucked it away in her bosom.

Kitty 2The nun showed Kitty around the abbey. Kitty felt like she had come home. After resting some more she read the letter from her dear friend again, filled with details of the towns events. Saddened by her friend’s situation, she sighed heavily, wondering how she might help.

After resting for a bit in the room the nun showed her to, she decided to explore the surrounding area. She met a man in a kilt, greeted him and continued her exploration. She found a quiet spot, on a cliff near the abbey graveyard, overlooking the fairground. There, she fell to her knees and prayed that she might find a way to help her friend. As she softly voiced her prayer, it felt like the wind was lifting her words. She prayed that her friend might come to know just how important and worthy she was to others. She was startled as she seemed to hear a voice return to her on the wind. It was not kind. It sounded like a harsh cackle. She looked around and could find no-one.

She rose and and decided to take a walk to explore the village to clear her mind while the nuns were at prayer.


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