Kitty Makes Bread

Kitty woke up to the gentle breeze from the open window. She got up from the bed and made her way to the bath. After tidying herself she looked in her sack for a new dress since last night’s fire ruined one. She glanced over to the chair eyeing the messed up dress. Pulling on an old dress, she combed her ebony hair.

She walked from the abbey to the village and found the bakery on the town square. She pushed open the unlocked door and found it empty, quiet. The bread on the shelves was stale. She thought that perhaps she had found a way to make herself useful. She looked around and fou nd the supplies. The oven was still warm, embers glowing and it was not hard to get the fire going.

Kitty makes bread

Rolling her selves up, she kneaded bread dough for the Blacksmith’s bread. She cut the dough and formed it into 12 small loaves and placed them in the oven.

With the dough in the oven Kitty looked down at herself covered in flour dust. She dusted herself off and grabbed the broom from the corner of the oven and swept the floor. The heavenly smell of fresh bread filled the bakery. She grabbed the wooden plank and pulled the loaves from the oven. She placed them on the work bench to cool.

Kitty searched the un-familiar bakery for a bread basket. She found a small one on top of a shelf, brought it to the table and placed six warm loaves inside, and then covered them with a cloth. Kitty hummed to herself, happily, pleased that the blacksmith’s order has been completed.

Kitty broke some bread from a loaf on the bench and took it into her hands. She lowered herself to her knees and closed her eyes, whispering a prayer. She bit into the warm bread and chewed. “Today will be a blessed day,” she said to herself.


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