Laundry Day

Barny the KittenThe night had been restless, Desire could not shake a feeling of foreboding that plagued her. The visitor that came to Tanninhold the evening before left her with a sense of uneasiness. She had listened to the conversation between the woman and Barnard, and she watched his face. There was pain there. Just when things had started to settle down it seemed another storm would be coming through.

She walked home late that night, with a sense that someone or something was watching her. “You are being paranoid,” she told herself, and yet, what was that noise? She got to her small house, and bolted the door behind her. Barney, her kitten, ran up to her and nuzzled his face against her leg. She knelt down, scooped him up, and laid on the floor playing with him for a few minutes.

Desire and Barny the KittenSighing softly, as she played with the kitten, she brought the little fur ball to her lips and kissed his head tenderly, and whispererd, “I love you Barney.” Finally exhausted, she scooped the kitten up and took him to bed with her.

She woke up in the middle of the night with a start. It sounded like someone was trying to open her door. The door was bolted, but there was a distinct rattle of the handle. She pulled the covers up around her and took the pistol from the nightstand, putting it under her pillow. After a long while, she drifted off back to sleep, and woke up exhausted in the morning.

Desire Beating a RugLaundry was her task for the day. She had foolishly told Barnard to drop off anything he wanted cleaned, and to her dismay he had left a sack of his dirty clothes outside her door. “Well I did offer,” she scolded herself. While she scrubbed the clothes her thoughts again went to the night before. She did not like the look on Barnards face, she had seen that look before, conflicted, dangerous. The air about town this morning seemed to be oppressive, a bit of foreboding seemed to be swirling around.

After hanging the laundry she decided today might be a good day to beat the rug in the house. Lugging it outside, she hung it on the line and beat that rug with more vigor than necessary. There was not a speck of dirt on it when she was done.


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