Kitty finds trap door 1Kitty woke up early. She went down to the bakery and got straight to work. First she got a batch of bread dough mixed up and kneaded. She placed it in a bowl and covered it with a moist towel. While waiting for it to rise, she grabbed the broom and started to sweep out the shop.

As she moved across the floor, she noticed that it squeaked when she stepped on a certain area. Thinking that a floor board may be loose, she turned the broom upside down and started tapping the area with the handle, noticing a pattern where the sound was different from the rest.

Kitty finds trap door 2She noticed a groove and knelt down. When she pressed on it, the floorboards lifted. It was a door! She pulled door open and saw stairs leading down beneath the shop. She set the broom down and walked down the stairs.

When she reached the bottom, she found herself in a cave. She was unsure of where the tunnels and passages would lead. She started to explore, turning corners until she was quite lost.

Kitty in cavePanic set in as she feared that she would not be able to find her way out of the caves. Perhaps someone would visit the shop and notice she was missing, but the trap door had closed above her as she descended the stairs.

She stumbled about in fear and tripped on a rock. She fell to the ground and her head struck a rock. Blackness washed over her as she passed out, alone, her whereabouts unknown to anyone.

Kitty passed out in cave

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