Notice of Truce Day

Falcon on Horseback 2Falcon, squire to Sir Maverick Schism, rode hard on her errand through the Debatable Lands, not a safe place to go slowly. She trotted her horse briskly to the town square and made inquiries about where she could find the Countess to deliver a message. She shook her head when she heard that the Countess had been seen entering the tavern. It was shocking that a lady of her rank should frequent such low places. The gossip was that she had caught her late husband’s love of gambling and spent much of her time playing dice in the tavern.

Falcon entered the tavern and found the Tavern GatheringCountess there, playing at dice. She caught her attention and pulled her aside, telling her she had an important message for her from the Warden of the South March. She opened it and as instructed, read it aloud to the Countess.

To: The Privy Council, North March

From: Sir Maverick Schism, Warden, South March

Make it known to the peoples of the North that in accordance with the Treaty of 1563, and with respect to the vacancy of the position of Warden in the North March: I, Sir Maverick Schism, appointed Warden of the South March declare a Truce Day to be held no less than two weeks from this day. All those wishing to swear Bills of Complaint to be tried must present them to myself or Falcon Nacon no less than one day prior to the truce if they would see justice done.

Maverick 2This Truce Day extends to the lands encompassing the North March presently under the control of the Privy Council, the Debatable Lands absent a Keeper of Liddesdale, and the South March and will be honored by people therein on pain of death.

In Her Majesty’s Absence
Sir Maverick Schism, Warden, South March.

Having dutifully delivered her message, Falcon turned and left to start her long and hazardous journey home.

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