Reflection and Prayer

She wandered to North March that evening, her heart heavy, her mind reflecting on her life and her actions. She was a wanted woman with a warrant on her head. Why she walked to the abbey was still a mystery to her, but that is where her steps took her that night.

Desire in ChurchTaking a deep breath, she walked down the aisle and sat in the front pew. It was in this abbey that she eloped with Barnard. He left one night, angry with her for the warrant on her head. It had been weeks since she last saw him. She felt the need to come and sit in his once beloved abbey, if only to feel him.

She remembered that summer eve that he came to the town to bless Roxeter. His prayers had annoyed her. She reflected on her childhood–growing up at the convent, the nuns, the priests, when she ran away. She never wanted anything to do with religion again.

She knew why He was angry with her. The warrant could lead to her being burned as a heretic, a witch. He would lose her. That is where His anger stemmed from, and yet that night instead of accepting his anger she fought with him. The next day he was gone, leaving her cold words, “I need to fix your mess.”

“Watch over him,” she whispered. “Bring him home to me safely.”

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