The evening started off well. She went for a walk to enjoy the lovely view down by the docks. She ran into some people who frequented her bakery, and they invited her to the the tavern, a polite reference to the brothel.

First one ale, then another and another. Before she knew it, she had gulped down four pints. The other patrons watched the lady baker drink, amused, but curious as to why she would drink so much in such a place. They didn’t know her troubled mind, nor the past she was trying to hide from.

Desire and Barnard

She left the brothel with an unsteady step and ran into Father Bernard. He was concerned and showed her to the gypsy camp just outside of town, where they could talk alone. She poured her heart out to him, and he listened attentively, giving her advice and then seeing her safely home.

She was restless and could not sleep. The ale had her head spinning, and she wanted to shed her clothes and dance under the stars. She stripped off her clothes, down to her underdress she slept in, and ran out into the town square, dancing and praying loudly to the Goddess. She did not care if they thought her mad. Perhaps it was better to be mad than… something else.

She ventured back to the gypsy camp and Karrisa found her this time, and she broke down and told Karissa her secret. The woman seemed slightly disturbed. Through the ale induced fog, she wondered if she should have exposed herself so.

Drunkenly, she left the camp, running, weaving, walking, and found herself at the church. She ran inside, stilled her heart, and knelt to seek answers there.

Could Father Bernard be right? Perhaps she should seek sanctuary here and ask the nuns to take her in.

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