Sermon on the Evils of Wizardry

NM Abbey 657 x 394Welcome faithful people to this Sunday’s sermon.

Before I begin, I will again proclaim the Banns of Matrimony to be made by our sweet Countess and the Warden of this District, Bryantt Sands. If there are any impediments to this union, please speak now. We do not yet have a date for the blessed event.

In Leviticus we read that a man or woman who has a familiar spirit, or who is a wizard, shall surely be put to death by stoning. This may seem a harsh response to one who follows the old ways, and indeed few do anymore. Nevertheless it reminds us that Our God is a jealous god, that he holds us as his own and will not permit worship of beast, man or idol to come before him.

Bernard PreachingIn his name, the laws of the land have been written. In his name, the Queen holds her position. In his name, legions of Crusaders have liberated the Holy Land. In his name, sinners are called to repentence.

But wizards and their like rely on superstition. They sell their “magic” in the form of potions, curses and invocations. They deceive an unsuspecting and vulnerable woman with promises that an herb, potion or tincture will somehow make a man fall in love with her, or determine if an unborn child shall be male or female, or if she is to conceive at all. Wizards and the like promise to deliver your enemies into your hand and set your friends at your table.

None of this is done in the name of Our Lord. Indeed, it is done in very opposition to God’s word.

Let us not embrace such nonsense but instead turn our hearts and minds to the will of God. If we suffer, it is because God wills a greater good. If we rejoice, it is because we live in God’s good graces. When we sin, we pay for those sins, and when we live a life of virtue, we reap the rewards our Heavenly Father chooses to bestow upon us.

Do not turn to wizardry and magic, but to the Lord. Accept the hand that He has dealt you. Repent your sins and pray for His guidance in all things.


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