Sister Mary Margaret takes Flat Rodvik to Church!

Flat Rodvik goes to Church

Strawberry Singh started a Flat Rodvik Linden theme on her blog, Strawberry, and the idea was just too fun to resist! I decided that it would be a good idea to take him to church and show him the light, so I turned him over to our own Sister Mary Margaret of Roxeter Abbey, Scotland, circa 1565. I took the yardstick away from her so she would not be tempted to rap his knuckles with it. She is bad for that. After all, we must show our guest hospitality.

Flat Rodvik in SchoolSister Mary Margaret took him to the school right off to teach him his catechism. From there, she led him to the library where Brother Simon put him to work copying a couple of scrolls. He supervised Flat Rodvik closely, making sure he got each and every letter and decorative curlycue exactly right.

Flat Rodvik was curious about the abbey and appeared to have a bit of a dark side. He asked to see the graveyard and crypt. Sister Mary Margaret was having none of that, and sent him on his own to explore.

Flat Rodvik in LibraryPerhaps she should have stayed closer. After a while she went in search of him and found him in the church, standing in the pulpit, preaching to the assembly. She listened as he talked about newcomer experience, experience tools, and improved performance. Overall, she approved, but she did not hear what she wanted to hear about coming features and secret projects in development.

Perhaps she would have to have him smuggled out on a ship to spain, where Cardinal Antonius of the Spanish Inquisition could “question” him.

Flat Rodvik in the PulpitThe Countess had sent word to Sister Mary Margaret that she wanted to meet Flat Rodvik. It was not often that they had such a celebrity visit. She threw a great feast in his honour. The musicians played, and it turned out that Flat Rodvik was not much of a dancer. No matter, with enough wine no-one cared. A good time was had by all.



Flat Rodvik Feast

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