Something Wicked This Way Comes…

Gus and DrogoThe old Druid sighed as he explained once more to the dwarf why he had summoned him to the border lands.  “Aye I did indeed take a lamb and sacrifice it.  I offered it to the gods to bring  blessings and to counter the magic of the priest.

But the whore lies when she says she saw me.   I know this for many reasons but two obvious ones are her tale of seeing me lead a lamb past the brothel.   One I carried the lamb in me arms there was no leading. Second I never went any where near the brothel, I had cast a spell to hide my movements and used the caves to get from the farm to the woods south of the village.  So now even you can see the lies.”

Drago nods and fingers the purse, the down payment on his serices.  “So I kill the one who claims to have seen you and than I get the rest?”  Gus sighs and looks to Ercila his eyes pleading for help.

Drogo 1The gypsy girl looked up at Drago trying hard to suppress her dislike.  “The old man does not want her killed that would raise more questions.  He wants you to scare the truth out of her. Threaten her. Make her see the error in lying. Surely you can intimidate a frail little whore?”

Drago sneered at the gypsy “So I do not kill unless she is foolish? Is an easy purse.” Looks at the ancient seer and wonders if the gypsy knows he old man’s true age but asks the man ‘Why not just curse her? Or it is she protected by the priest’s magic?”

“Drago I called you here because you are good at torture and death and you owe me a great debt.  No more questions just take care of the whore.  Be leery of the brothel owner, a man called Bryantt.  He has influence in many places.”

Drago perked up and what could be a smille lit up his face. “Ahh can I kill him?”

Both Gus and Ercila could not help but laugh.  “Not until after Truce Day Drago and if Baylee does not tell her lies you get the second purse and can do what ya will with Bryantt.  Ercila get us all some ale.” Smiles at the girl and winks.

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