Tales of Drago: Alone at last with his love.

Drago and BayLee 2Drago approached Karissa and Baylee with a bounce in his step. Most certainly today was a good day. He greeted them both but then the lovely Baylee turned to leave as he paid Karissa. The payment was for a night of services from each woman. Karissa called Baylee back.

His heart raced as Baylee returned to his side. He took her into the bar below the brothel and bought them drinks. They talked. His eyes never left her lips except to get lost in her blue eyes. She hinted that the night was wasting and dropped to her knees, loosening her top. His heart virtually stopped.

He took her hand to lead her upstairs but she pulled back, begging to make love in the woods under the moonlight. He smiled. They walked into the woods like young lovers. He led her to the gypsy camp and found it empty.

He held her tenderly. He had never held a woman in such a way, but his heart told him she was a delicate treasure.

As they held each other in the grass, there were several flashes of lightening. In the last flash he saw eyes reflecting the lightning about them. Wolves! He told Baylee to run back to the safety of town.

Wolf LeapingHe turned, knives drawn in both hands, for he did not carry any other weapons this night. The wolves closed but he did not back away.

He heard a woman scream and a horse whinny. Several of the wolves backed away and ran to the noise. He did not know who screamed, but he was satisfied it was from the opposite direction that Baylee ran.

He tried to go to the aid of the screaming woman, but the wolves kept him at bay. He finally distracted the wolves by tossing out hunks of the boar meat roasting on a spit at the gypsy camp. As the wolves feasted, he faded into the woods. His attempts to find the woman and horse proved fruitless.

He found his way to his new home. Sitting by the fire he thought that this would be a tale that would be legend among those who are true Picts with blood not spoiled by Englishmen. He smiled as he looks about at the heads of old enemies. Drago, Shaman Warrior, was a man recorded in many tales. His battles, conquests and ferocity in battle would soon we joined by this tale of romance.

Who else was there to tell a different tale?


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