The Brothel is Saved!

Brothel on FireWith troubled thoughts, Kitty wandered the path back toward the village. She smelled smoke! Alarmed she looked to the sky and saw smoke rising from the direction of the docks. She ran closer and saw that the brothel was on fire.

She ran toward the town centre, shouting “Fire! Fire! Fire at the docks!” The blacksmith heard her call, grabbed a bucket and ran to the docks. She continued running til she found herself in the castle courtyard. “Fire! Fire! Fire at the docks!” she cried.

The music stopped. People swarmed out of the great hall and ran to the docks to help. Among them were the Warden, Bryantt Sands, and the brothel girl, Baylee. Even in his weak condition, Bryantt answered the call for help.

FireOnce they arrived, they ran into the warehouse and found more buckets. Dipping their buckets into the water, they ran back and forth, throwing the water onto the flames.

There was damage from fire, water and smoke, but as Bryantt surveyed the damage he concluded that the structure was still sound. It could be repaired and cleaned up, and he would be back in business within a week or two.

Now that the fire was out, Bryantt and Dom tended to the women. The newly arrived woman who had come calling for help was coughing, but ok.

Dom turned to Baylee with concern and asked, “Are ye hurt girl?”

“No, just shaken a bit,” she responded. Dom surprised Baylee by grabbing her and hugging her.

BucketThe Warden, still weak from his injuries, seeing all was well returned to his bed at the castle.

Dom questioned Kitty, “And how did the fire start? Did you see it?”

“No, I was out walking and I saw it.”

There were shards of broken glass and splintered wood on the floor. There was not one unbroken bottle of alcohol left, not one keg of ale left. Dom frowned. This was no accident.

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