The Handfasting

It had been an eventful day. After Karissa had found Kitty in the tunnels and got her safely home, she had rushed to get ready. Time was running short. Luckily, she had set up everything the night before.

Handfasting Holding Hands

She bathed, powdered and perfumed herself. She pulled out the package from Desire from the cupboard, the one that contained her dress from the interrupted handfasting. She looked at the dress and ran her fingers delicately over it. Memories flooded her mind. She closed her eyes and held the dress close. Desire had done a wonderful job cleaning and mended it. It was one of the most beautiful dresses she had ever seen, but she could not bring herself to put it on. She laid it to the side and pulled out another dress from the wardrobe, one she had bought for this occasion. It was also beautiful. She dressed and admired herself in the mirror. It hugged her curves. She smiled, pleased with her appearance.

Handfasting Bryantt over Karissa's Shoulder Handfasting Karissa over Bryantt's Shoulder

They had kept the ceremony small and quiet. Bryantt was firm on keeping it a quiet and private affair. He wanted no more interruptions.

In the company of a few friends, they had stood beneath the arch of flowers in the woods and said their vows to each other. The fireflies danced in the jars that lit the surrounding area. The glow of the candles on either side of the arch flickered on their faces as they wrapped the cord around their wrists. They voiced their deep feelings for each other, pledging each to the other in love.

Handfasting at the Arch 2

Afterward they and their few guests headed back to the tavern for drinks and dancing, all paid for by the warden. Karissa smiled, thinking, “That’s a few more coins the Countess will never see.”

Handfasting Party

Bryantt wished their guests a good night and led her up the stairs to her apartment above the tavern. They closed and locked the door behind them.

Handfasting Karissa Awaits

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