The Musician

JarkKarissa stared into the fire as she sipped her tea, thinking about the newcomer to town, Jark. When she first met him, he was just passing through, stopping in at the tavern for a hot meal.

Since taking over the tavern, Karissa had developed a passion for cooking and baking. She thought she was getting good at it. At least the tavern patrons seemed to enjoy her food.

Jark offered a song as payment. She sat on the fireplace hearth to listen, humming along. The man made her smile.

The next time she saw him, he had stopped in for a drink. He asked her some questions about the town as she served him. She sat down and told him about the town and its people. The talk turned to the demon and the “magic” that she had seen. He noticed the mark the demon had left on her breast. She felt comfortable talking to him, and told him the story of how she had fallen in love with the priest, and the kidnapping. As she talked, she realized how bad it all sounded. She tried to explain it all, but he seemed to have a hard time believing her story.

Jark and Karissa

She thought that this town could use some music and the entertainment of a bard. She asked him to consider staying in Roxeter. She offered him employment at the tavern as a bard and musician, working for tips from the patrons. He said he would consider it, and left. She wondered if she would see him again.


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