The Mysterious Dom

Karissa Cloaked 2Karissa locked the tavern door, closing it for the day. She set out on her evening walk. She loved this time of day; it was cool, just getting dark. She grasped her wrap with one hand, drawing it more snugly around herself.

As she walked down by the docks, movement caughter her eye. She saw a man dressed in black heading toward the dock. She pressed herself against the wall and then followed him at a distance. She regretted not taking the time to grab her pistol. Gregor had warned her to keep it on her at all times, but she rarely listened.

She watched as the man pause at a pallet of crates, barrels, and bags and sort through them. He selected one, and then stood and started to walk toward her. She pressed herself against the brothel wall, hiding and hoping he had not seen her.

Suddenly she felt strong arms grab her arms and cold steel against her throat. He had circled around behind her! She stiffened.

“I’ll no harm you. You gave me quite a fright and nearly got yerself killed. What are you doing skulking around following folks in the middle of the night?” the man said.

Karissa in Tavern SexyShe relaxed, relieved to recognize the voice of Dom, the blacksmith. She asked him the same, what he was doing. He explained that he was going to fetch Father Matthew’s bag and take it to the abbey, as he had been asked to.

Dom turned to pick up the bag from where he had dropped it when he seized Karissa. It was gone! Karissa helped him search for it, but it was nowhere to be found. Dom escorted Karissa back to the tavern and told her not to speak of this to anyone.

Karissa tapped her finger against her chin and said to herself, “That man is up to something.” She promised herself that she would find out what it was.

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