The old druid prepares as well.

Poor wee lambBy the time he returned to the circle near his hovel, the moon was glowing bright. He knelt in the circle and called out to the gods. He needed their help to ward off the magic of the priest from Rome. The interruption the other night, running into the Countess and some villagers, had kept him from putting a circle of mistletoe around Roxeter and the castle. He planned now what was needed. To call down the blessing of Toutatis he must sacrifice a lamb. This will be his task this night – to get a young lamb and hold the ceremony.

The power of the pushy priest needs to be curbed. To this end an incantation to bring the power of Taranis to bear – reminding the people of the old ways would be in order.

He paced about the fire circle. The incantation could not be in view of the villagers. It is best they continue to think Gus was a peasant and not a seer of the old religion. The jousting area seemed a good place, but it lacked any oak trees. The woods southwest of the village has the great trees. There he will call down the thunder of Taranis to remind the people who it was who truly watched over and protected them.

He would not be missed at the priest’s work as he is not truly a villager but he needed an accomplice to bring the wrath of Taranis at the end of the priest’s magic.

He headed off to finish the mistletoe circle and to “acquire” a lamb.

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