The Priest’s Bags

Priest's Bags 1Dom had just settled down to eat when he heard a voice in the smithy talking to Will.

Grumbling at the disruption to his meal, he headed down the stairs to find Fr. Matthew glaring at him, demanding to know what had happened to his belongings and complaining that the nuns were having to wash his clothes every night.

The priest’s relief at seeing the crates by the forge was mixed with anger at the loss of his personal bag, but slightly tempered by Dom’s not entirely unreasonable blaming of the dockworkers and ship’s crewmen for the theft.

The priest pressed Dom into carrying the crates immediately to the abbey and then started questioning him about the previous work Fr Bernard had ordered. He explained his own requirements for equipment and building modifications to conduct his business, with particular emphasis on discretion. Reaching an agreement about costs for the work, Dom hoisted the crates and followed the priest.

Priest's Bags 2When they reach the library, the priest motioned for Dom to leave the crates by the desk. The priest sat down and began to study, ignoring Dom as he worked.

Dom wiped the sweat off his brow, leaned against a bookcase to catch his breath and asked, in as nonchalant a manner as he could muster, about the contents of the lost bag. The priest saw through his pretense and gave him a stern look. He mumbled vaguely about some reports and a letter of credit.

Worry crossed Dom’s face. He hoped that the lost letter of credit would not delay payment for his work, and perhaps decrease the budget for further work at the church.

Still, he was pleased and somewhat surprised to hear that Sr. Agatha recommended Dom to the priest. The priest closed his book and questioned Dom about the local people.

Finally, with a new gold coin in his hand for his trouble, and discretion, Dom left the priest to open his crates.

Priest's Bags 3

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