The Priest’s Bags

Priests BagsUnder cover of the darkening skies, wrapped in a black cloak, Dom slipped out of his apartment and half-slid down the embankment into the woods taking cover among the bushes skirting the town till he reached the brow of the hill overlooking the docks. There he sat, quiet and still. At last the rowdiness in the brothel subsided as all the dockworkers returned to their berths on the ship.

Rummaging through the piles of goods left on the quay, he finally found a bag with the priest’s name stitched into the canvas so he quietly picked it up then moved away from the lights. Turning the corner of the brothel he stumbled into a body. Instantly he dropped the bag in his right hand, grasped an arm with his left, then brought his blade to the small delicate throat of his captive, trapped by his bodyweight against the wall.

Karissa inhaled deeply as the steel pressed to her neck “Dom?”

Startled to recognize Karissa, his dry voice cracked as he hushed her. Quickly he pulled her, even as she struggled, away into the dark quiet of the woods.

Karissa by the Docks“What are you doing ?” she demanded though her body trembled.

Dom Lunasea furtively glanced around, only the snorts of the bull in the distance to disturb the silence. He threw her to the ground and straddled her to pin her down. Finally he put away the knife and calmed himself enough to assure her,

‘I’ll no harm you. You gave me quite a fright and nearly got yerself killed. What are you doing skulking around following folks in the middle of the night ?”

She asked the same of him and he defensively explained he was merely collecting the priests bags as he’d been asked. Then, with a rising panic, he remembered he’d dropped the bags by the wall so he forced her to help him look for them.

But by then, the bags were gone.

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