Where is Father Matthew?

Capture of Father Matthew 1Desire wandered over to the island to talk to Gus. The subject of their conversation was Father Matthew. He was an inconvenience, meddling in their affairs, and he presented a very real threat. If he knew the whole truth about them, they would burn for heresy. He had some evidence about Desire’s activity and had a warrant issued by the Countess for her arrest. Something had to be done about him.

Gus looked at Desire contemplatively. “The man goes for a walk the same time each evening, following the same path. If we let him spot you, do you think you could lure him out of the safety of Roxeter into the Debatable Lands?

Desire laughed. “He is just a man. Of course I can lure him!”

“Then let us proceed,” said Gus. “But once we start on this course of action, there is no turning back.”

Desire nodded. “We have to do something.” She had no desire to be burned as a witch.

Capture of Father Matthew 2Right on schedule, Father Matthew took his evening stroll on his regular route. Desire was lurking nearby, and stepped out so that he could see her. He took the bait.

“Stop Lady! I have a warrant for your arrest!” the priest yelled. He was intent on catching Desire and did not notice the druid, Gus, lying in wait behind the trees.

Desire let him get close enough to almost grab her and then bolted. The man started after her and chased her into the Debatable Lands. He chased her a bit further and then stopped, realizing his mistake.

Gus called upon the elements and a shield of power wrapped itself around the priest, ensnaring him in a trap. Desire stopped running and turned to watch Gus cast the spell. As a look of realization came across the priest’s face, Desire smiled. She moved closer to the man, seeing that he could no longer move.

“You have a warrant for my arrest? Seems we have decided it is you who shall be detained this evening Father.”

Capture of Father Matthew 3The priest fell to his knees and began to pray. His prayers were unanswered, and he coul dnot break the magical bonds that held him.

Gus commanded Desire to stay behind and make sure that no-one from Roxeter came out to nose around. “We cannot have any witnesses, so if someone comes along the path, keep him occupied. In a bit, return to the island. You will know where to find us.” He looked at her knowingly.

Desire stayed along the road for about an hour before making her way back to the island. As she took the raft across the water, she wondered if they had done the right thing. Would this action cause them more trouble, or end the trouble?

When she found Gus, he had the priest bound, hooded and gagged, and locked in a cage.

“How does it feel, priest, to have the tables turned on you? How does it feel to be a prisoner?” Gus sneered at the priest, and then turned to Desire. “I am going to do whatever it takes to find out who sent him here, who he is working for, and what we are up against.”

He took her arm. “Come, let us go and ask about the priest and if anyone has seen him.”

Capture of Father Matthew 4

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